I wanna be like Daddy!

Eddy and I have really noticed how, lately,  Noah is so interested in copying the things he sees his Daddy doing. I find it completely fascinating that already at such a young age, Noah has taken to doing typically 'boyish' things, even unconsciously and without realising it. He notices so much of what Eddy does! For example, Eddy often uses headphones to mix music on his laptop and Noah always want to try these on. As we had an old broken pair lying around, Eddy cut the cables off and gave them to Noah so that he could join in with the music production! 
He's quite a mechanical little boy and had already grasped that putting keys in holes sometimes has an effect, for instance when I open the front door with our keys, he likes to have a go too! It may just be natural curiosity, but I definitely feel that for Noah has some concept, however simple, of being like his Daddy and of wanting to join in with whatever Daddy is doing.
I'm no child psychologist, but I really see the wonder in Gods creation when, at one year old, Noah is already very much a typical little boy in his ambition and mischievousness. It's a pleasure to watch him discover the world around him with such inquisitiveness and innocence. 


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