Mummy's secret weapon

I've been keeping a bit of a secret for the last couple of months...I have been faking that 'maternity glow' and I'm now ready to admit it because I have totally fallen for this beauty fluid which just does everything it's supposed to! That is exactly why I love Chanel's all in one healthy glow fluid. Originally, I bought this for our summer holidays- Knowing there would be lots of camping and very few mirrors on hand, I wanted an easy makeup routine that would take a matter of seconds instead of minutes to achieve. 
This, my friends does it all. It is light and fresh, smells amazing and lasts all day. When I had morning sickness and my nose was hyper sensitive to smells, I remember really looking forward to putting this on in the mornings as it just smells beautiful, but not overbearing In any way. I would say it has a peachy scent...but it is so light! It's like a less intense form of foundation, but does the job just as well in my opinion. Most importantly, I like wearing it because my skin still looks like my own, just better! It gives my face a gentle dewy glow, without looking overhot. Honestly, I have worn this non-stop for the past couple of months and I am completely sold on its quality and gentleness on the skin.

If you're interested in trying it, you can go to a Chanel counter and have a mini makeover for free and see if you like it! Also, if you're really really interested, you can purchase this product here. I opted for the lightest shade as my skin is so fair, but it does come in a range of tints which Is why I would definitely recommend you try it before you buy!

I hope you found this review helpful...if you fancy treating yourself to something a little luxurious this month, I would definitely try this little beauty out!

 Love Bunty 


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