Talking to Noah about the new baby

Over the last few weeks, Eddy and I have started talking to Noah about the new baby that is on his or her way. Although Noah's understanding is obviously limited, it was so lovely to initially share the news with him and Eddy and I both like to keep it a current topic of conversation every day to continually remind Noah and eventually prepare him for our new arrival. I think he is cottoning onto my changing shape too as whenever he sees me sitting down, he will insist on lifting up my top to poke the "bebe" as he has affectionately named him/ her. 
He also enjoys blowing slobbery raspberries on my tummy whilst chattering about the baby and this has led to several squirmy movements from the baby this week. How amazing is it that the two are already interacting with each other?! 
I think the funniest part of Noah's new fascination with the baby is that he keeps lifting up his own top, poking his belly and saying "bebe". Haha! He is quite a literal thinker at the moment!


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