Topshop makeup: yay or nay?

Since Topshop brought out their makeup collection, I have to be honest and admit that I really haven't spent much time exploring it. I have bought a few lipsticks in the past and they were pleasantly surprising in both packaging and quality. 
I happened to have an hour to myself yesterday afternoon and as Noah wasn't with me, I was able to go into our local Topshop (which happens to be a buggy nightmare with all the stairs involved!) and have a good old nosey around.
 When I reached the makeup counter, I found this eyeshadow palette and was instantly taken by the beautiful autumn shades available. This one is called Orion and has a light cream highlight shadow, a darker champagne shade and a beautiful dark purple shade. Even though I am not into wearing garish colours, especially around my eyes, this is a really deep purple that actually blends beautifully and creates what I like to think of as an autumnal smokey eye. 
As well as comprising pretty shades, the shadows are all highly pigmented- amazingly so, the particles are so light reflecting with out being glittery and they look so gorgeous!

They really are a beautiful combination that I would certainly not have thought to try before, but I'm glad I did. Testing them out this morning was great fun, I had my 'little helper' on hand as usual to help unorganise my makeup bag for me. I think Noah was quite taken with the palette too as he kept trying to snatch it away from me!

Anyway, I highly recommend this palette, Topshop seem to have a few nice ones in this season...worth a look for some affordable glamour to your dressing table!

Love Bunty


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