1940's murder evening

Last night, we joined a group of friends for a murder investigation (game!) We had all been given specific characters as part of the game and we had to dress in accordance with their description. I was a french forty- something wife in a miserable marriage! Haha! Eddy was a young poet and artist of mixed French and Russian parentage...you can guess the evening was full of hysterical accents and as the story developed some interesting plot turns and twists had us all wondering who the murderer amongst us was!

Needless to say, we all had a wonderful evening! Noah happily joined in for the most part and our hosts presented us with the most divine three course meal! It was truly special!

I had a black velvet dress in my wardrobe that my sister leant me ages ago and so I thought I would wear that with some bar strap nude heels. I went for quite a dramatic makeup look to suit my character description, and for my hair, I created an updo inspired by the glamorous victory curls that were so popular in the 1940's. 
I've always heard about these murder investigation games, but apart from the odd round of Cluedo, I've never taken part in anything so dramatic or fun! It really was a great evening and everybody outdid themselves- I don't think i've heard such impressive European accents!


Happy weekend everyone!
Love Bunty


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