22 weeks pregnant

Hello everyone! Today I turn 22 weeks pregnant and as we are staying at my parents for a few days, I have not measured or weighed myself so I'm just guessing that I've put on weight this week. This little boy has been very active for the last few days and I'm getting lots of wriggles and kicks. I can tell when he is practicing his somersaults too which is nice, just not straight after i've eaten! Haha!

I still haven't done a shopping haul for this little one. I think if we had found out we were expecting a girl last week, it would be a very different story! But I guess I know at the back of my mind that I already have so many things from Noah's early wardrobe, so the urgency isn't quite the same. Still, as we are having a winter baby this time round, I will definitely need more warm snuggly outfits and blankets so I'm excited to see what I find in the next few weeks.

How far along? 22 weeks

Total weight gain/measurements: I'm feeling a bit bigger this week around my tummy area, so I'm guessing the scales will reflect that!

Maternity clothes: I got a couple of nice maternity tops and a swimming costume from Asda last week which I will show you in an upcoming post. 

Stretch marks: No new ones!

Sleep: Never enough...

Best moment this week: Coming home to Devon! I always feel I can totally relax here and it's just so nice to spend time with the family.

Miss anything? Nope

Movement? Lots and lots! Especially after I eat something! It was the same with Noah in that every time I ate, he would always wake up in excitment for the goodness coming his way! It makes me laugh, but I seem to make hungry babies, or maybe it's just a boy thing!

Food cravings? Nothing specific, but I have noticed an increased appetite. I swear I'm always thinking about my next meal these days! Oh dear...

Anything making you feel queasey or sick? Not really.

Gender: Boy!

Labour signs? No!

Symptoms: Mainly heartburn this week. It's not dreadful but just uncomfortable and i'm noticing it more at the moment. I find eating little and often helps as my stomach feels pretty squished these days, I find it quite hard to eat a large meal in one sitting.

Belly button in or out? In!

Weddng rings on or off? On!

Happy or moody most of the time? Happy! I have lots to look forward to and this week has been an exciting one in terms of the new blog! Im really happy with it so far and can't wait to develop it more.

Looking forward to: A few peaceful days in the countryside.

That's everything for this week's update! Don't forget to check back next week for my 23 week update! 
Love Bunty


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