24 weeks pregnant

 Hello everyone! Today I turn 24 weeks pregnant and boy I'm looking like it too! This last week has been a little crazy with a few things that have happened so I have definitely been a bit 'on edge' so to speak. My brother broke his leg badly last week playing rugby and he is still in hospital having his second operation to fix it today! As you can imagine, it has been a little bit stressful for the whole family as he is so far away in Manchester at uni. But anyway, things are definitely on the up now so I'm grateful for that! 

How far along? 24 weeks!

Total weight gain? I weighed myself this morning and I've now gained a grand total of 17 lbs! Eeek! I have a strong feeling that this is going to be another big boy!

Maternity clothes? I'm wearing maternity jeans a lot of the time. I still get away with some of my regular tops, but I have got some new pieces ordered so I will do a proper maternity style post soon!

Stretch marks? No new ones

Sleep? Last night was the best night's sleep I've had in a long time- mainly because Noah slept right through without a peep! But my other little monkey in my tummy has a really strong kick which is waking me up quite a lot lol!

Best moment this week? Noah has been really cracking us up this week, he learnt how to say 'shhh' 
to us. The other morning he came into our bed for a cuddle but it was really early and he wanted to play and poke us, so Eddy turned round and said 'shh Noah, back to sleep', at which Noah giggled and said 'shh' back to us! The cheek of it!

Miss anything? Not really

Movement? Tons all the time! I'm pretty amazed at this baby's energy as the other night I was watching a film with Eddy and he literally kicked and wriggled non-stop all the way through! It's rare that newborns are that active for a couple of hours, let alone a tiny unborn baby! 

Food cravings? Nothing specific

Anything making you feel queasy or sick? Not really

Gender? Boy!

Labour signs? Nothing!

Symptoms? This one is a bit embarrassing, but I do remember with Noah, around about this time, I felt like I had a really weak bladder and then a couple of weeks later everything improved drastically! Well, that particular symptom has definitely returned in this pregnancy. I think it might be to do with baby's position and his kicking doesn't help the situation either. Eddy and I always joke about 'pregnancy bladder' as car trips are such a nightmare when every 20 mins I need to stop! Lol...oh the glamour of it all! 
I've also mentioned in other posts on my blog about my skin being hyper sensitive at the moment. It's mainly my face which is feeling a little more delicate than usual, but I've found some great products which are helping a lot so it's completely manageable and life goes on!

Belly button in or out? I'll show you a photo, I think it's half way out?

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy/ moody most of the time? Happy, but feeling a bit sensitive too!  I hate admitting to it because it sounds so lame, but really little things seem to be upsetting me more than they would normally. I'm almost certain it's hormonal, just a bit unlike my normal self really.

Looking forward to? FINALLY planning a little break with Eddy! We really want to get away by ourselves before I get huge and also just to have some alone time with Noah before this baby comes along. We were going to go away at the end of last month but work got so busy and we have literally had no time to ourselves! Anyway, I am definitely looking forward to this, it's not something we ever do normally, but I know we all need it! Can't wait!

That's everything for this week's update! Don't forget to check in again next week for my 25 week update! 

Love Bunty


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