A very autumnal garden

Hello everyone! We have had a beauty of a day here in Devon and my parents garden has been a spectrum full of colours. I took a walk around this afternoon with Eddy's camera and decided to capture some of it's beauty. I love the fading flowers, the falling leaves and the rich colours that are surrounding us at the moment...and yes, I do know I keep going on about it too!
Oh Autumn, you are fast becoming my favourite season!
Anyway, put you feet up for two minutes and enjoy this mini photo shoot! Isn't this just a glorious time of year?

This is my Dad's old lawnmower- still going strong! When we were kids we used to take it in turn 'mowing' the grass in the summer with this. It took us all day but that was the fun of it back in the day!

I hope these photos offer you a little peace and tranquility at the end of your day...
Love Bunty

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