Beating the Sunday evening blues

Recently I have noticed a slight return of the 'Sunday night blues' in our household which I haven't experienced since my days at uni! For those who don't know what I'm talking about, I mean that feeling, after a great weekend, of Monday morning looming and a long week ahead! I remember struggling a bit with this during my college/ uni days and my (albeit short) formal working life. I remember just feeling a bit low come Sunday evening after the excitement of it being Friday night and having Saturday and Sunday to do pretty much whatever I wanted- back in the day!  

I think since Eddy's home time can be quite limited at the moment, I really cherish having him around and, for example, this weekend he had completely off work so we were able to have a weekend of doing pretty much whatever we wanted as a family- like old times! 

In a way I actually miss those Sunday night blues because they marked such a routine in my life, and if I haven't hammered it home enough already, I love a good routine! I find it quite nostalgic that they are making a return to our weekly cycle as a family. 

Anyway, If you're one of those people who also dislikes the end of the weekend and even worries about Monday morning ruining your fun, that's a good thing because you have so much to celebrate in your life! Having things to look forward to and enjoy outside of the school/ work life that can so easily engulf us all, helps us to keep balance and perspective. After all, none of us should live to work, we work to live!
Thank God for the weekends!
Here are some photos from our weekend, hope you enjoy!

Love Bunty


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