Breaking in leather

I recently posted about a new pair of boots which I had my eye on for a year before finally getting the opportunity to purchase them. When I finally took them home I knew, like most leather boots, they were going to need a fair bit of wearing to break them in if they were ever going to be comfortable. 
There is always going to be a game of compromise when it comes to unworn leather and your feet trying to mould the shape of a shoe. Unfortunately, I happen to be very impatient! That, coupled with the thought of blisters every time I wore them had me running to the shoe repairs shop! 
I sent them in to have the leather stretched which has basically skipped the breaking in process for me, leaving the boots comfortable and much softer on my feet. As autumn is well and truly here, I want to be wearing my boots now and not in a few weeks when they would have naturally broken in- I think it was a process well worth the fiver I spent on it!
A quick tip for any of you ladies or guys with new leather shoes! Skip the painful breaking in process and enjoy your shoes while the season for wearing them is here! 

Love Bunty

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