Coffee breaks

Recently I have been sent a few magazines through the post which have really got me thinking about the Christmas season which, lets be honest, is going to appear out of nowhere and suddenly be upon us! I find this happens every year: we initially complain that the shops are taking advantage of our excitement as they bring out their early Christmas stock in October, and then we gradually give way to the build up of anticipation as November and December approach.
Having huge, ever-expanding families means that I like to be a bit organised and so I have zero shame looking through the early Christmas catalogues and beginning to get ideas! Not even from a commercial point of view, but just thinking about Advent itself and the magic that fills our households when Christmas draws near makes me want to drag out the season as far and wide as I can! 

So, readers, I hope you won't be offended by my mentioning Christmas in October, I just feel so excited this year! I have a feeling that my coffee breaks are going to become rather focused on one particular theme in the not too distant future!

Love Bunty


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