Dinner parties, broken legs & problem solving!

It's not always easy living away from family and there are times when it seems all the more challenging. A few days ago my brother had an accident playing rugby and seriously damaged his leg in the process. He is currently waiting for his second operation to hopefully fix the damage...I don't think I've checked my phone for news as much much this week since I did when I was starting to date Eddy! Between desperately wanting to get up to Manchester to see my brother, to honouring commitments at home and meeting the everyday needs of the family, I honestly feel pretty exhausted.

I think it's fair to say that behind everyone's smile or portrayed image, there can often be a different story and I know I'm guilty of not recognising that in other people. But the last few days I have been thinking about it a lot. How many people do I know that could really use a friendly ear? A bit of company? Somebody to talk through the problem with? I was just saying to my sister earlier how sometimes I struggle with an assumption that my life is all champagne and roses just because I endeveaour to be cheerful. (Yes, I know I also fail miserably many a time! Haha just speak to Eddy on that score!) But, far more crucially, I know I can do good for others in need. That's part of our calling as Christians, in a way, to make ourselves less and to make others more.

We hosted a little dinner party tonight which was so lovely. Bringing together family, old friends that go way back and more recent friends too and I really felt honoured that we could provide a little hub of happiness in our small lounge. A place to relax and for everybody present to feel at home for a little while. I think it is so important to check in with the 'bigger picture' every so often. Not many things in life are certain but the impact we can have on others is something we can be and are all responsible for. The small decisions we make can have huge effects on others. Perhaps there are ways we can change ourselves and our own deep-rooted ways of doing things, which will benefit those around us better?

 I know I have my work cut out but that's the exciting part because I also know this is how the world changes...when people change.

Goodnight friends!
Love Bunty


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