Getting that mirror shine!

I'm not going to pretend to re-invent the wheel with this post but I wanted to share an age old trick my mother in law suggested to me! As we have lots of fixed mirrors in our home, they are always full of sticky fingerprints because a certain little toddler loves nothing more than to wipe his paws all over them. Also, as our built -n wardrobe has a mirrored front to it, we always end up touching the glass when we slide the door open, meaning more fingerprints!
I have tried countless glass cleaners to try and get a perfect mirror shine but nothing seems to cut it as well as this old trick...

My mother in law suggested I try using some vinegar and finish by  polishing with some old newspaper, just like the way windows were traditionally cleaned back in the day. I rubbed the vinegar on the mirrors with a kitchen cloth and allowed it to settled, then I got my newspaper out and buffed away to reveal perfectly clean glass!

 If you don't mind a slightly lingering smell of vinegar, this really does work incredibly well. The acid in the vinegar cuts right through grease and dirt and leaves a perfect finish. 
I think we have a lot to learn from the traditional methods employed!

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