James Herriot

While I have been enjoying a few days at my parents' house, I found myself digging through their many bookshelves for some good evening reading and I came across a few of the James Herriot books. Now, I can't remember not seeing my mum with one of these in her hands growing up! She seemed to always have one on the go, but to my shame, I never really picked them up to read! I was more of a St.Clares/ Malory Towers kinda pre- teen and never really explored outside of my comfort zone. However, I have to say, (although I am literally decades late with jumping on this bandwagon), I am LOVING this book! I'm reading 'Let Sleeping Vets Lie' which presents such a funny version of Herriot's memories as a vet in North Yorkshire. We really get a sense of the charm of the English countryside and I think partly the reason I have taken so much to this book is due to how much it reminds me of homelife and the simplicity of rural living. 

I haven't gotten very far into this one yet as I save it for bedtime reading mostly- and I keep falling asleep mid-reading! I'll save a full book review for another time!
Any other Herriot fans out there?!

Love Bunty


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