Little pot of joy!

Good evening everyone! I hope you're all having a relaxing one? Brace yourselves for a slightly self-indulgent post as tonight I wanted to introduce a little pot of gold to you all. Perhaps you've tried this and it has become a staple in your routine, or perhaps you haven't even heard about it? Either way, if you're a mummy/sleep deprived/ suffer from dark circles under your eyes, or simply thinking about age prevention, take note!

Let me introduce to you Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Eye Complex. (Bit of a mouthful, I know!) In the world of beauty blogging I have heard many a lady review this eye gel, all seeking different results and so many of them have been completely astounded at the transformation of their skin!

I'm not going to get my science cap on and explain all the ways this product actually manages to target early signs of ageing whilst visibly brightening your eyes- there is a wealth of information on the website. I simply want to say that this has really helped to transform my skin. 
I found that after my first pregnancy my skin seemed to have aged. It looked more mature and frankly, quite dull. As a 23 year old, I was quite concerned as I didn't know what the link was other than pregnancy, birth and general sleep deprivation. My eyes were my main area of concern as it doesn't take much for them to look tired and washed out. 

By applying a small amount of this gel like formula all around my eyes in the evenings and mornings, I have found significant changes in my skin's appearance. My eyes don't seem to be screaming out for water and coffee first thing in the morning and they are not dry, uncomfortable or sore! As only a small amount of gel is needed per application, the contents itself goes a really long way! It seems to instantly soothe my eye area as soon as I apply it and works brilliantly with my moisturiser which I apply at the same time. 

So ladies, if you need a little eye brightening gem which is guaranteed to work wonders, definitely give this a try! Or perhaps scribble it on your list for Father Christmas!
Love Bunty


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