On the go baby snack!

Sometimes Whenever I am out and about with Noah, we will inevitably reach a point where he grows bored or disinterested in running errands with me. He also happens to be at that age where he will vocally show his outrage that we are back in the post office and not in the park, for example. 

On the occasions when it's just me on my own, it can be quite difficult to manage the threat of an imminent tantrum and I know I am the type of person who feels all the more self-conscious about the whole thing when people start staring at us! It's that typical scenario of a toddler pushing towards full on tantrum mode while mum is almost pleading for 2 more minutes patience.

However, one of the tricks I have learnt is to always have a handy (healthy if poss) snack on hand for when things get desperate and I really have no other option in that moment. It's not always ideal, depending on what time of day it is and mealtimes, but one of the things Noah loves are the Carrot bars by Organix. I have bought from the Organix range many times as they do a varied range of foods and snacks which just tend to avoid the unnecessary junk that is put in so many other foods. Noah has really gotten into the Carrot cake soft oaty bars which combine raisins, whole grain oats and carrots: some of his favourite ingredients! If his patience is wearing thin, the prospect of getting his chubby hands on one of these is a sure way to change that frown upside down! 


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