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Good evening everyone! It's been another long evening coming up with new designs for my next blog project, but I decided I was feeling too inspired to not write about it!
 Sometimes in my posts I link to shops/companies/brands that i'm mentioning so that you guys can directly reach those specific products. However, I've been wanting to implement a more visual and fluid means for you to find the products that are inspiring some of my blog posts. That is exactly what has inspired this little idea at BuntyLiving. 

I am currently working on a 'shop' page where, whenever I mention a product in a blog post, you will be able to click onto the 'shop' page and then click onto the appropriate image which will take you directly to the relevant website where you can purchase it.
 I envision this shop page turning into a kind of mood board of the things that inspire me, taking the hard work of scouring the net out of your hands and making it easy for you to instantly find things.

I recognise that Pinterest has been a massive source of inspiration for me and I really think it's down to the visual images that get my creative juices flowing. Viewing images definitely helps me to create my own ideas from scratch and, aside from that, I really think it's a much more fun way to list ideas than as a text link.

Tonight I have been trying to finalise designs for the shop and it's taking longer than I thought because I am a bit of a perfectionist and I keep changing my mind! Anyway, with a bit of luck it won't be too long until it is finally up and running!

I hope you're all ready for the weekend tomorrow!
Love Bunty


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