Packing lightly!

Whenever we go away as a family, Eddy always challenges me to pack lightly and I must admit that most of the time I miserably fail at this seemingly easy task. However, although I can't speak for my own packing this time, I was very impressed with how easily I managed to get all of Noah's things into one little suitcase!

I spotted this last year in Cath Kidston and really wanted it, but I waited for it to come into the sales which it did recently at our local outlet. It's a really versatile little suitcase in a traditional style which makes it all the more adorable. You can use it for stowing away toys or anything you like really- Noah enjoys having it out on his bedroom floor with all his toys surrounding him!
Obviously for this trip, I have used it to store his clothes and it has worked really well. His clothing is still very small so I find I can roll up items like trousers into small bundles and stack them neatly at the bottom, leaving room to fold his jumpers and tops over the trousers. Not exactly rocket science, but the perfect size for his things! I'm really impressed with how compact and little the case is but, at the same time, how much I am actually able to squeeze into it! 
Having a toddler means inevitably extra outfits are required for even short trips away and even with this in mind, I was still able to get everything I wanted packed inside this case! Win!


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