Pregnancy Skincare Solution!

For some reason my skin is having a bit of a hard time adjusting to this pregnancy. I never had any problems with Noah, but this time around my skin is breaking out left, right and centre and it seems to be hyper sensitive too. 

Even after washing my face with Clinique products in the evenings, my skin still feels sensitive and stingy. Having a cold doesn't help as I've constantantly had tissues pressed to my face, so as well as being sensitive, my nose area has also been very red!
If I'm honest, it has gotten me down a little as I have been trying lots of different products and seeming to get nowhere with it.
I took myself to the Clarins counter the other day to have a bit of a winge to a very sympathetic assistant (pathetic, I Know!) but she recommended I try the Clarins Sensitive Skin Day Cream and gave me a sample to try over the weekend. 

Oh my goodness! Of all my 'favourites' posts I have written, this is it guys! This stuff is amazing. Instantly it cools and soothes my face, removing any discomfort. After using samples for the last few days my skin is much less reddened and my breakouts have cleared up too. All of those things can't be mere coincidence I'm sure!? The consistency is beautiful too: lightly scented, not greasey or oily and it sinks in pretty quickly- magically getting to work with my irritations. I really like this product a lot and, for anyone who has sensitive skin I would recommend for sure that you give this a try! 

I went back to Clarins today to purchase a full sized version as I ran out of my sample, but I am totally sold on this product. Although it is quite pricey, I can tell you that in the space of three days I have gone from troll face to MY face! Enough said I think! Haha!

Love Bunty


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