Second Trimester Survival Kit!

Hello everybody! Monday tends not to be a favourite day of the week for most, so I thought I would post something a little uplifting, especially for all the expectant mums out there! 
After some consideration, I have put together a list of items which have made it into my 'second trimester survival kit'! As I am approaching the end weeks of my second trimester, I know I have absolutely relied on some products and routines to help keep me cool, calm and collected.
These last few weeks have seen the most dramatic changes in this pregnancy so far and there have been ups and downs as a result. But one of the 'ups' is just knowing that there tends to be a solution to most problems, and come 8pm, I know I can light my candles and just chill out to the max!

Without further ado, here are my survival kit items for my second trimester. I won't go into huge detail on every item as they are all pretty self explanatory, e.g. my fave magazine/ 'evening escape'!

Many pregnant mums will vouch for the fact that when you are pregnant, all of a sudden pillows and cushions become an absolute essential, even if like me, you wouldn't normally use many! Although there are plenty of 'pregnancy pillows' on the market, this sausage pillow is by far my favourite. I bought it in Daisy Park and it is by the brand Pip Studios. I've had it for a few years now and I just love the way it brightens up my room! This really helps to take the pressure off my bump and back and guarantees me a better night's sleep!

In general, I have been favouring looser fitted clothing recently. This dress from Next has a cute geometric print and has served my 'small bump' days really well. Although this one won't carry me far into my third trimester, it has definitely been a comfort to wear. Loose dresses in general are a win from this point onwards.

Pretty frilly socks help lighten my mood when I feel like an overweight ogre trampling around my house. I have quite a growing collection from various shops and they all look really cute accompanied by slippers, ankle boots or just on their own. Sometimes it's all about the simple things to make you feel good about yourself!

I've done countless posts about my skincare recently so I won't harp on about my Palmer's tummy butter or my Soap & Glory moisturiser, suffice to say they are here for good and working wonders!

That's pretty much it in terms of my 'survival kit'. As I said, it's only now really that things are changing quite rapidly with the pregnancy, I can only imagine what will be in my third trimester survival kit! Haha! 

As I get my thinking cap on and start organising for the end of pregnancy, I'll keep you posted with baby hauls and more updates. Let me know if there is anything specific you want to see up on the blog!

Love Bunty


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