Sneak Peak

I thought I would give you all a sneak peek at the updated blog...infact, it should be viewable now so do have a nosey if you have five minutes to spare.
My vision was to freshen up the look of my page whilst simultaneously stripping it back to a more minimalistic look which would allow the photos to do the talking. 
Although being married to a professional photographer definitely has it's perks, I must confess I have come a long way! Eddy's guidance and tuition has taught me a whole new world of capturing images and presenting them and I can't wait for more opportunities to practise and improve what i'm learning thanks to his dedication, support and patience!
I'm really happy with how far the blog has come and already, in one 3 hour sitting, we have the new look in place. I'm so looking forward to tweaking it over the next bit of time and really putting my own stamp on it!

I'm delighted to re-introduce BuntyLiving to you...


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