Snuggly Early Mornings

This morning is a typical Autumn morning I remember from growing up: dark and chilly outside with the inviting smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen. My siblings are getting up and ready for a school day and i'm secretly happy i'm staying put-for now! But I used to love these mornings when I had to venture out in the dark. There was just something so nice about looking forward to coming home and snuggling up in the evenings.
I recently updated Noah's dressing gown and slippers situation with these mornings in mind. He has well outgrown his first dressing gown now and these loafer slippers I found, well, what's not to love! His daddy might think he looks like a little Grandpa tottering around, but I think they are so adorable.

We do a lot of our travelling in the evenings now as it is better for Noah to sleep if we are doing a long journey. Everyone knows it's best to journey in your pyjamas if you're a kid and it's night time, right?! We always did anyway! As the night's really are drawing in and getting much cooler, I wanted Noah to have a warm dressing gown for this reason. I picked up the 'snuggliest' one I could find in The White Company, and these bargain slippers from the same shop. (They really were a bargain- gotta love outlet shopping!)
This morning we were up well before the sun and so we both snuggled up in our dressing gowns and hung out in the lounge for a little while. As you can see, Croissants are definitely on the menu today!

Happy Tuesday everyone!
Love Bunty

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