The importance of breakfast

Morning everyone!
I was thinking this morning how important breakfast is in general. I grew up always eating breakfast in the mornings, especially when I was at school and my parents were huge advocates of it! We weren't allowed to leave the house without eating at least something! I think it's so important though as all too often people skip eating breakfast, or simply find they don't have the time for it first thing. But it should be a vital part of your diet, helping your metabolism out and keeping you fuller for longer. On days when I don't eat breakfast, I know I am more likely to reach mid-morning and feel tempted by an unhealthy pick-me-up. 
Granted, we don't eat croissants every day, (these were spare from our weekend!) Porridge, however, is a great choice which I personally love as you can pack it full of seeds, fruit and nuts and enjoy a wholesome and very filling and delicious meal that keeps you going until lunch.  
So friends, make sure you eat breakfast! Whether you are on a special diet, wanting to lose weight, struggling for time, or simply don't 'feel' hungry first thing, eating a healthy breakfast is only going to help your personal aims and goals, whilst avoiding it won't do any of those things. 

Happy monday guys!
Love Bunty


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