The simple things...

Today has been one of those 'pottering about' days. I haven't even left the house yet as Noah had his health-care visitor first thing and afterwards wanted a seriously long nap! In the meantime, I have been busy with household chores and blogging! I love days like this though and one of the things that makes me feel so cosy is to pop my slippers on and keep the kettle boiled! 
I am a bit of a slipper fanatic in that I must get through so many pairs every year. Recently while we were at home in Devon, I popped to Tesco's and found these lovely cute pink ballet style slippers. They were so warm and fluffy and I love wearing them with socks if I'm just pottering about the house. I also love the little diamante detail in the centre- who doesn't love to feel a bit glamourous when washing the pots and hoovering the floors?!
I think I only paid about £6 for these and they are already a staple part of my 'at home' uniform.  Call me old before my time, but I am a big slipper fan and there's nothing more comforting to me when it's cold outside than popping your slippers on and brewing a tea!
Happy friday everyone!
Love Bunty


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