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I thought today I would pop something beauty related on the blog for all you interested ladies out there. I am by no means a dermatologist, but I have learnt a few things along the way with Regards to my own skincare. At the moment I am pregnant and so I have tailored my skincare routine to suit my current needs as my skin has changed a lot this pregnancy. But I think these five basic principles apply to everyone and you can individualise them to meet your own needs and, hopefully, improve your skin!

1) Drink water!
I know I have been known to hammer this point home quite a bit, but honestly the skin you have is so influenced by your diet and water consumption. I am upping my water intake a lot more at the moment as I know my body and baby need it. Everything improves when you drink more water and the results are pretty instantaneous too: within a day or so my skin looks better when I make sure I drink lots. For example, I try to have several pints of water a day in large glasses, (so I can see how much I am drinking). Also, before you reach for your coffee, tea or wine at the end of the day, try and have some water first just to keep in the rhythm of favouring water as your prime source of fluid intake. 

2) Know your skin type
I think it's important to know your skin type, especially if like me, you have a bit of a habit of buying makeup or other skin related products. At the moment, and for the first time in my life, my skin is quite sensitive and I know I can't use the same heavy exfoliators that I used to. My skin just can't cope with anything rough or harsh and so I use alternative products that are far easier going. Be kind to your skin and learn to know what it needs to look and feel it's best!

3) ALWAYS remove your makeup!
This is something that I have always adhered to, whether we are camping, at home, or have been out all night. If you have partied the night away and it's four in the morning, still thoroughly remove your makeup before sleep. There is nothing worse than not giving your skin the break it deserves from makeup! Especially if you are planning on wearing makeup the next day, you do not want to be applying new makeup on yesterday's face, it's not hygienic and your skin won't thank you for it.

4) Watch out for chemicals, acids and alcohol in products
Make sure you read what kinds of ingredients are in the skin products you are using. At the moment, I am completely avoiding salicylic acid and alcohol in my skincare routine as I'm pregnant. Alcohol is not great to use on your skin anyway, especially if you are using, say, a makeup remover with alcohol in it and then not cleansing your face afterwards. If you do use products with alcohol content, just make sure to thoroughly wash your face afterwards to remove any traces from your skin.

5) Exfoliate Exfoliate Exfoliate!
Even if your skin is quite sensitive like mine, try and get into a routine of exfoliating at least once a week because this just helps to thoroughly remove dead skin cells, makeup traces and dirt- helping to keep your skin squeaky clean and happy!

Those are my top five tips that I would recommend anyone to follow. Like I said, I am not an expert but these simple steps have helped me a lot over the last few years and especially at the moment when my skin is quite changeable. I hope they help you too! 

Love Bunty

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