A weekend trip to Lincoln

Good evening lovelies, what an interesting day it has been for us! At very last minute, Eddy and I decided to surprise his family with an impromptu trip up to Lincoln for the weekend as he had a free couple of days in the diary. We piled in the car and, seven hours later (and a whole lot of traffic jams later) we finally made it back to the family home in one piece!

After being spoiled with a home cooked meal and diving into the usual hearty 'banter' around the dining table, I can't help but feel it's as if we haven't been away-even though it's been four months.

So, we are here for the next couple of days and I am sure there will be some lovely family moments I will be sharing with you all...stay tuned for that and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Love Bunty

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