Advent candle


One thing I love about Advent are Advent candles- the ones that have the days marked on the front which, if you light every day, gradually burn all the way down to the 24th- Christmas eve! I bought two from our church today as I have been meaning to for the last couple of years, but never actually have! 
The rich red is a charming nod to the traditional colours of Christmas festivities and is certainly very eye-catching. Noah keeps spotting these and wanting to pretend they are drumsticks...mmm, not ideal!

But, speaking of my little mischief maker, these are a great way to remind young children of Advent and to teach them about this season of waiting for that special morning. You could light these on your dining table as a reminder when you eat your family meal together, or, simply pop them up on the mantel piece and burn them in the evenings. Either way, I am excited to finally have some in our home this year! 

Love Bunty


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