Breakfast at the Grandparents' house

I have always been a 'breakfast' person and enjoy lining my stomach with something before heading out into the chilly cold winter mornings. I find it helps me keep going for longer, especially when the weather is unpredictable and all you really want to do is cosy up by a warm fire drinking tea all day long!
This morning there were only a few of us at the Grandparents' house as the others had made their various ways into work and so breakfast was a quiet affair. We made some toast and eggs and had some fresh coffee alongside them. 
To me, there is little more comforting that hot buttered toast when you're staring out of the windows into a moody weather front.
Noah enjoyed his fruit and toast and then proceeded to chase around after the family dog whilst Eddy and I had a lovely chat with his sister's other half. 
The normally bustling house was at a standstill and it was so pleasant to find a few minutes to be still and just enjoy each other's company.
Now that is my idea of beating the monday blues! We have to head home tomorrow morning, back to reality! Haha! But it has been nice to spend some wonderful moments with the gang here in Lincoln.
I hope you all have a lovely day today,


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