Couscous salad

This week, we are trying to have a bit of a 'detox' and eat more healthily in general. Now, that is not always easy to do when you are almost seven months pregnant and seemingly starving all the time! But there are a few foods that I have found to be really satisfying lately and, what is more, thoroughly healthy and delicious too! 
Tonight I made a simple couscous salad which I served with fishcakes. This was so easy to make, but so enjoyable too and, as I made loads it should also keep nicely for our lunch tomorrow. 
After preparing the couscous by adding boiling water and allowing it to sit for five minutes, I chopped up some tomatoes, spring onions, red peppers and green olives. I added these to the couscous and then I also chopped up some mint leaves and parsley for some extra flavouring. To garnish the mix, I added some roasted red peppers, olive oil and the juice of one lemon and gave the couscous a good stir. 
And that was literally it! Hearty, wholesome, healthy and super easy!

I'm planning on doing a lot more cooking as I really need to get to grips with this part of domesticity! I will keep you updated with more recipes and food ideas, as and when I achieve them. 
What are your favourite couscous recipes?!

Love Bunty


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