Finding God in exhaustion

This evening I hit a bit of a wall with that good old sensation of exhaustion. I've had a lovely day, spending most of it with my good friend Rachel and enjoying a playdate with our two little boys together. As both our husbands have been working away into the evening today, we decided to spend the day at my house, which made for great conversation, company and fun. However, I am totally exhausted tonight! 
I had a bit of a gym injury the other day and that, coupled with the usual pregnancy symptoms has definitely taken its toll. Suffice it to say that when 7pm rolled around and Noah finally went down to his bed, I took a great sigh of relief and sank into the sofa! 
Our husbands finally arrived home later in the evening and we greeted them with Pizza- something I've learnt is guaranteed to take the edge off even the toughest day at work, haha! 
After a shared meal, our friends left us and I began the usual tidy up of the house. For me that means straightening the furniture, doing the dishes, putting some laundry on, putting Noah's toys away and hoovering...all pretty standard I must admit. My husband collapsed into bed early as he has been working round the clock this week and understandably is exhausted too. 
For a while though, I pottered around getting on with my chores and feeling a bit sorry for myself. Both physical pain and overwhelming fatigue got the better of me and I couldn't help but feel a bit run down. But I really felt God's presence in that moment like no other to date. It was wonderful because it was so needed. I really felt a sense of God's presence in my dish loading and laundry sorting. It was 11pm and all I yearned to do was sleep like the rest of my family, yet I knew God was with me, helping me and sustaining me in that moment. 
I've said it before, but my faith is a very simple one- especially with raising a toddler. I don't have long fancy words to speak to God but He knows my heart and that is enough to keep my conscience in full operation! Tonight I needed to lean on His grace and He was there, silently comforting my worries, my fears, my anxieties.  
He also reminded me that is is so very easy to praise Him when things are going well, when life seems to be going our way and we can literally count the various ways He blesses us. How much harder is it to Praise him when life is tough, our chores monotonous, our exhaustion too much to handle? When we think we are alone and nobody cares about us? How much more should we praise Him then for being the one who IS there, who DOES care, and who LOVES us more infinitely than anyone ever could. 
Being a mummy is no menial task and tonight really challenged even my own understanding of my role as a homemaker. I know it is not for the faint hearted, so I should, therefore, expect the challenges it necessarily brings. But I don't have to battle them alone and that is the only reason I can possibly do this work. 
God is with me in my exhaustion and fatigue and He helps me to carry on for the sake of my family and for the sake of His family. 

A few thoughts from one tired mummy...
Sweet dreams all,
Love Bunty


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