Getting cosy

After stepping out this afternoon, I noticed the temperature seemed to drop significantly on the way home. It was freezing! My fingers and nose were crying out for a scarf and gloves and I realised we are well on our way to needing to properly wrap up when we go outside. However, the fire that greeted me when I got back to the Grandparent's house was more than I could have wished for. It lit up the living room and, as I stepped inside, I couldn't help but feel the icy cold leave me as a wall of warmth surrounded me.
This is what I love about autumn and winter: defrosting by the fire and snuggling up in pyjamas and layers of warm throws...have I said that enough this last month?!
Nothing beats seeing a basket full of logs ready to be thrown on the  crackling fire and the slow preparation for the holidays starting to enfold: hence this little Reindeer who has made his firm stance on the hearth.

Love Bunty


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