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 Patience Brewster, a designer of Christmas ornaments and gifts helped inspire this holiday traditions post. Patience has some seriously beautiful work on her website which is well worth a look!

Family is something that both Patience and myself hold dear, and when I think about it, I have so many photos I could offer as a favourite, I wouldn't know how to narrow it down. So, therefore, I have decided to choose a few favourites which, for me, summarise the anticipation of Christmas, the Christmas season itself and family.

(I hope you don't mind my severe lack of decisiveness, Patience!)

First up is my cheeky Noah. This was taken last year at Christmas time when he was completely besotted with our tree and the fairy lights and decorations. We kept turning around to find him trying to get under the tree in his little walker! I'll cherish those memories forever!

Some close up's of our tree: The lighting always makes me feel so christmasy and festive. Our old lounge used to look beautiful lit by candlelight and fairy lights during winter and our tree just made the whole space come alive.

These candles became a bit of an advent feature in our home last year. They constantly reminded me of our anticipation for the final countdown and what Christmas really meant. 

Yes, these photos are pretty much all tree related, but at the heart of decorating the home comes our tree in all its glory. I just can't wait to get this year's up!

The last couple of years I have really enjoyed making my own advent calendars. I made this one for my first married Christmas in 2012 and it was a favourite as it sat in our old kitchen where I passed it all the time. I'll always treasure this photo as a reminder of my first christmas as a married wife and the excitement we shared as we prepared to celebrate the season together for the first time.

So those are some of my favourite Christmas holiday photos. They aren't particularly conventional in that they don't show the whole family around the table pulling crackers. However, to me, they represent much more than just Christmas dinner itself. They are more of a personal journey from the last few years and I just can't wait to add this year's photos to the collection!

What are your favourite holiday photos?
Don't forget to check out Patience's website here!
You can also have a read of her beautiful blog here.

Love Bunty


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