Lush Cosmetics

I think I am probably the last person in the world to try these Lush bath products. I have never even been into a shop- until this week. I happened to be passing by with Noah and something about those wonderful bathy scents, emanating from the store front, tempted me in. I found myself surrounded by an array of the most delicious looking bath bombs, soaps and fizzes. And when I say delicious, I mean they really looked good enough to eat! Thankfully, I managed to restrain myself and after having a good old nosey around, I settled on a bath bomb to try out at home. 
I had my Lush bath last night and let me tell you, it was heavenly! My whole bathroom filled with the most beautiful fresh fragrance pretty much as soon as I popped this ball into the water. It fizzed around moving all over the bath and continued to break down, revealing a lovely fresh pink interior which changed the colour of the bath water. This was such a welcome treat at the end of a long day and would make the perfect gift too. I think I have found a new 'hang out' on the high street!
What do you all think of Lush cosmetics? Are you a fan?

Love Bunty


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