Made for Glory

With Advent beginning tomorrow, I must confess I am very excited to start getting our Christmas music playlists out, start thinking about decorating the house, and more than that, talking about the much anticipated season! 
However, I do find that it can be hard to maintain focus on what the season is all about during December. With all the pandemonium of 'black friday' deals, constant store offers and hardly having a conversation about Christmas which doesn't boil down to shopping lists, it can sometimes seem like December just vanishes in a haze of shopping discounts, and Christmas arrives without much personal preparation. 
With this in mind, my husband and his best friends, (one being his brother), have put together a series of short videos, one for each day of Advent, which will explore the bible and draw upon different themes in the hope of really preparing us for Christ's coming at Christmas. 
Think of it as an authentic Advent calendar which will offer you far more than a small piece of chocolate each day. 

Take a look at the first video here and join us for the whole journey through Advent! 

Love Bunty


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