November Favourites

Hello everyone! I hope we all managed to make it through monday unscathed...it always feels like the hardest day of the week with the following weekend so far away!
Tonight I thought I would collate my November favourites and share them with you. These are all products that I have been enjoying specifically this month as, apart from the Bio-oil, I purchased these all this month. 

Clinique dramatically different moisturising lotion: As you're probably all aware from the sheer amount of times I have mentioned it now, my skin is super sensitive this pregnancy. It takes hardly anything for me to break out or to suffer red patches and that horrible stinging sensation if I use too harsh products on my face. Clinique are a brand I have come to rely on as their products are consistently gentle on me. I have used this moisturiser in the past, but after my Clarins sensitive skin moisturiser (more on that here) ran out, I decided to give this one another go. It was far more cost effective too as this bottle has loads in it- a whopping 125mls. I have, or rather, my face has been loving using this in the mornings and evenings. It makes a really nice base for my makeup, absorbs into the skin quickly and just makes my face feel so soft and happy. 

Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Cleanser: I must confess, I bought this product on a bit of a whim. Last feb I had a 'skin consultation' with Estee Lauder and they used this product to remove my makeup with. I remember being all over the scent of it and wanting to buy some right there and then. However, at the time, I restrained myself! Although I wouldn't use this as a primary makeup remover,(nothing beats Garnier's micellar solution for that!) it is a really nice product to cleanse your face with. It has a beautiful light scent and a little goes a really long way. 

Bio-oil: Now this, my friends, is bottled gold as far as i'm concerned. As you can see from the photo, my bottle is nearly completely used up! I love using this when I'm pregnant and when I'm not pregnant too. It is so silky and light but seems to thoroughly moisturise my skin and really does help fade marks. I use it on my pregnancy stretch marks from first time around and so far, I have been lucky to escape new ones this time around. It's not the cheapest body oil, but boy oh boy, it's good stuff.

Tangle Teezer: I have been wanting to get one of these for ages and this week I finally did! I was not disappointed either: it's functional, practical and hot pink- what's not to love?! It really does make de-tangling your locks much less of a task and for holidays or travelling I think it is the perfect accompaniment. 


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