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Yesterday, something arrived that made me extremely excited! For about 6 weeks we have not had a 'functioning' sofa- not ideal when you're about to enter you're third trimester! I was definitely starting to find sitting on the floor on a bed of cushions a bit of a stretch. But that has been life up until yesterday when, finally our new sofa arrived! 
I can't tell you how far and wide I scoured the internet looking for the 'perfect' one. You'd think it would be simple too, i.e you find a sofa you like and buy it. But no! There's the six week delivery time frame to consider and, I must be honest, I was starting to panic about making it through until Christmas with nowhere to sit down. 
Thankfully, I managed to find a beautiful Chesterfield which had a brilliant delivery time frame to save the day. I opted for a slightly more feminine take on the traditional Chesterfield style in a grey/mink colour. It's not huge, but it is so comfy and for our current digs, this is the perfect choice to tie in nicely with our muted colour scheme. 
I know you're probably wondering if i've finally gone and lost it, is she actually raving about a sofa?! But seriously, this one has been a long time coming! I always say it, but it really is the little things that make such a difference!
Hooray for comfy, snuggly and cosy winter evenings!


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