Shopping for two babies

Today I was in town with Noah and I had one of those moments that took me right back to my own childhood. It reminded me of when my mum used to dress my older sister and I in matching clothes when we were little. Whenever we were going on holidays and mum did the 'big holiday clothing shop', we always had the same tops, dresses and pyjamas and I used to love imitating my sister with what we chose to wear.

M&S had a pretty impressive sale on today in the kids department and I found a jumper for Noah that I instantly loved. That, and the fact it was on sale, had me popping it in my basket within seconds! Next thing I knew, I turned the corner and lo and behold I found the exact same jumper in 0-3 months-perfect for our expected February arrival! Win!

 When most shops favour little girls and often, in my experience, forgo stocking a near fair amount of little boy's clothing, I do get rather excited when I find a brilliant buy for Noah and it's even more exciting to anticipate shopping for two little boys.

Obviously, this new baby is going to have plenty of clothes to start him off with as we already have all of Noah's newborn things, but it will be nice to incorporate some new pieces and for him to be able to match some outfits with his best big brother.

Happy weekend all!
Love Bunty


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