Show your superpower!

I recently did a bit of a clothing shop for Noah as Winter is definitely on its way and he had practically grown out of everything- again! He didn't really have a proper winter coat and all his summer clothes are a little too thin for the weather change here in England. 

I went to Zara baby first as I had seen some tops and coats in there ages ago that I really loved. This long sleeved 'Show your super power' top was one of them. It just screams little boy to me and I had been mentally saving it for his Autumn/Winter clothing shop. Today I paired it with some gorgeous burgundy chord trousers which were in the M&S sale. I only paid £6 for them, but they should last until his second birthday next June so I'm pretty happy with that little bargain.

His wool coat is also from Zara. Again, I spotted this a few months back and loved it to bits! It is so unbelievably soft and snuggly on the inside as it is lined with fleece all the way through. A perfect Winter coat! I also love the style as a three-quarter length and trust this should last us well into spring/ summer next year. 
I love shopping for Noah, but I feel I should just mention I don't always rely on M&S and Zara! I love a cheap billy bargain when I see one, but I do think buying quality outerwear goes a long way as the pieces really last. I fully expect to be rotating these items between Noah and his brother and that will be their ultimate test! Haha!

Happy weekend all!
Love Bunty

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