Sweet sleep

I've mentioned in a couple of recent posts about how rubbish sleeping had become as of late. What with the increasing size of my pregnant belly and the compensation that the rest of my body has been taking in adapting to my new shape, getting comfy at night has been quite a challenge! 
Another problem was that our mattress was not helping the situation either. It was a sprung mattress and boy I could feel those springs each and every night! I kept waking in the morning with horrible back pain and tummy pain just as a result of lack of support around my body.
However, you will be pleased to know I have found a wonderful remedy to this particularly dire situation!...I recently purchased a new mattress from Ikea and it is already working miracles for me. It sounds completely over the top, I know, but I nearly cried when I got into bed the first night and sank into blissfully supportive foam. No lumps or bumps, no uncomfortable springs in my back and a wonderful feeling of being held by this mattress. 
I tell you, it really is the simple things in life that get me excited these days! As my little sister recently pointed out, I do live a wild life! (not!) 
But I think it's also one of those situations where you don't realise how bad things were until you go ahead and make a change! 
All credit goes to my new mattress for turning my nights right around! I thought it would be wrong not to acknowledge this with a little blog attention, haha!

I hope you're all sleeping sweet too!
Love Bunty

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