Toddler Treasure Hunt

Good evening everyone and happy weekend! I had a really fun afternoon with Noah today and I thought I would share one of the little activities we got up to.
I decided to make him a toddler friendly treasure hunt. He has some new wooden building blocks which he absolutely loves to scatter everywhere, so I thought they would lay the perfect trail to his 'hidden treasure'! I lined them up around our living room and hid his treasure at the end- under a big comfy beanbag, of course!
 After giving Noah a box to collect the trail of building blocks, he quickly set to work collecting them up and following his little trail to the end. Granted, we did get a bit distracted half way through, and so we had a break and came back to it after Daddy got home from work. Then it really was a team effort, following those blocks right up till the end.
 He was one excited little boy to discover his hidden treasure chest. I packed a wooden box full of chocolate coins, nestled over tissue paper and he was certainly impressed at the reflecting shine of the foil wrappers. Of course, we then had to 'sample the goods', even more excitement in the house!
But for such a simple activity, so much fun was had working as a little team to both tidy the blocks away and discover the treats at the end.
Satisfaction guaranteed!


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