Transitioning home decor

While November draws to a steady close, I like to start thinking more about getting the decorations out and making the house that extra bit 'festive' in anticipation of Advent and the Christmas season ahead. 

I know you're probably thinking it's far too early to even be thinking of Christmas decor but let me explain...We never actually celebrate Christmas in our own home (we alternate between our two families) and therefore, the Christmas season always feels as if it zooms by in our own home. Normally we only enjoy about a week of having our own Christmas tree up and decorations in our home. As a result, I like to start getting the house prepared a little early and gradually build into a fully decorated home ready to celebrate Christmas wherever we happen to be.

As we have a few things planned for early December: namely a Christmas lunch we are hosting for some friends and our annual celebration of Sinterklaas on the night of the 5th of December (more on that soon!), I want to have our home prepped and ready to get into the festive spirit of Christmas. 

Today I have been sorting through some of my oversized glass baubles that I just love to decorate the home with. I got these in TK Maxx a couple of years ago and liked them so much, I ended up decorating with them throughout the year. I love their large sizes and they look so beautiful next to flickering candlelight- perfect at this time of year when candles are a seasonal must!
These baubles are quite a good 'in-betweener' decorating tool for when you want to move away from autumnal style and closer to Christmas decor but in a subtle and gradual way. They take you a step closer to imagining the tree aglow with fairy lights and decorations. Yes it might all be crazy early, but I'm far too excited to stop now! Haha!


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