Christmas present sacks

I have been finding lots of Christmas inspiration from magazines and Pinterest recently and one idea I simply loved was using old white pillow cases as sacks for Christmas gifts. I decided to replicate the idea and I love it so much, I may just make our own little tradition of using these-it certainly saves on buying endless rolls of wrapping paper! 
I have simply doubled up two pillowcases (four in total) and have stuffed them full of gifts, tying them with some brown string at the top. Once the opening was secure, I added pretty baubles using some spare lace ribbon and some satin ribbon. It's such a simple idea, but a really effective look and a nice alternative to the more traditional bright reds and greens we often see printed on wrapping paper.
These would make a lovely parcel at the end of a loved one's bed, or even under the tree. I hope I'm not giving too much away to any members of my family who might happen to be reading this! 
What do you guys think?


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