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Here is a post I have been meaning to do for a while now! I wanted to start putting outfits together to show you how I have been dressing in my third trimester. Being that it is now winter and the weather is considerably cooler in general, I have been relying a lot on wooly jumpers, lots of layers and boots! When I am just around the house though and not going anywhere special, I really like teaming casual wear and light clothing for a more comfortable feel. 
I am hoping to make these posts in the final few weeks of pregnancy more consistent, even though it seems a bit of a challenge as it seems that the more weeks that pass, the harder it is to dress myself comfortably, let alone fashionably!

My first 'look'  has become a staple in the last week or two. I am wearing a pair of black skinny maternity jeans from ASOS and a long grey tank top from H&M. My jumper is such a gorgeous knit and is super comfy and soft. It is also by ASOS maternity, although it would still be very wearable post-pregnancy so I look forward to getting a lot of wear from it! My boots in this look are from River Island. They have a bit of a heel, but are still very wearable and comfy which, at this stage, is of prime importance when shoe shopping!

My second look is a very relaxed 'mom around the house' look. I am wearing the same black skinnies with a plain white tee from New Look. The top is not maternity but I just got the next size up as it is such a light material, it works a treat! My midi cardigan is also from New Look and I really like it because it covers a lot of me!  I really enjoy wearing this in the evenings over my pyjamas as part of my snuggly 'sofa and movie' uniform. My plimsolls are from Matalan and were so cheap and cheerful, they had me at hello, haha. If I'm not wearing my slippers around the house, I like to pop these on as they are really comfy and easy to move about in. 

Those are my two looks for today. There's nothing especially glamorous about either, but they represent where I am now and comfort is definitely way more of a concern than anything else these days! I have never felt confident going for a leggings and long top look as I always feel like there is something crucial missing when I do! Personally, I have never liked the whole 'leggings as trousers' look anyway, so I have pretty much banned them from my wardrobe. But, I have been pleasantly surprised with the maternity jeans on offer at ASOS and have collected a few this pregnancy. I look forward to showing you more in the next post!

Love Bunty


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