Paper Chains

Last week I was shopping with Noah and we found these cute paper chain decorations which I thought would make a fun toddler decorating activity. Seeing these took me back to my childhood, where I used to love creating paper chains in school and at home. They have such a childish charm about them and I think it's nice to now incorporate more child-friendly decor into our Christmas scheme.
After having a go at making his own chain, Noah soon lost interest, so I continued his chain and hung it for him on our mirror. I think I am going to move them into his room though as I think he will enjoy looking at them in his own space. Although they have little cut out stars on the strips of paper, they are not explicitly 'Christmassy' so I think we could easily get away with them hanging around ( excuse my pun) a little longer than just the Christmas season!

How do your little one's like to decorate for Christmas?
Love Bunty


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