Toddlers and Nativity sets!

Having a toddler running riot in our home this Christmas has got me thinking a lot more about how we present Christmas to Noah. I think it's really important to show our children more than just the materialistic side of Christmas- as exciting as present opening is! Last year, Noah was only six months old and I remember the fairy lights on the Christmas tree completely mesmerising him. He, obviously, was too young to really engage in any of the festivities, although he did enjoy playing with (and eating) wrapping paper!
This year, however, he is so far advanced and I feel there are so many more things we can do in the home (or at the grandparents houses) that can get him thinking more about why everyone else is anticipating Christmas day so much! Noah, like most toddlers, is very stimulated by what he sees and through tactile, hands-on learning. I (finally) put our Nativity set up yesterday and he was very interested to see what was going on! He instantly could pick out animals among the scene as he started making his dinosaur roars when he saw the donkey. (Close enough!) He also recognised Mary holding a 'baby', which, as you know is a daily topic of conversation in our house at the moment. 
I know that considering we are leaving this weekend, I really should have had our Nativity set out weeks ago, but already it is having an impact on Noah and I hope it will continue to become his focus at Christmas time. 


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