Winter decor

Yesterday I was in good old Matalan having a look at their Christmas decorations and I was rather inspired. Although I didn't come away with any tinsel, bright red or green decs, infact, I didn't buy any one thing that was deliberately 'Christmassy', I did buy a couple of things to help transition towards a more festive atmosphere at home. 
I found this enormous wooden heart which I have hung from our mirror. Because our mirror is so large, I think it looks nice with something hanging in front of it, typically a wreath of some description. This heart is not Christmassy, but I think it could be made to tie in nicely with my upcoming decor ideas and, hopefully, it will add a bit of rustic charm to our decor theme this year!
I also picked up a wooden tea-light holder which sits on the far left of my display. This was not expensive at all, but so pretty and I thought it would also complement the 'wood theme' that seems to have taken over slightly!

You must know by now that I am a complete sucker for candles! I won't bother denying my obsession anymore, so when I found this huge candle which just happens to have a gorgeous scent too, I couldn't resist! I like lighting these after Noah has gone to bed, when we have the lounge to ourselves. As we don't have a fire, it is nice to recreate something of the cosiness a real fire brings. Candles do just the trick!

So, still no tinsel, real tree, or real fairy lights... but hopefully things will change in the next few days as I literally cannot wait to get decorating properly for Christmas!

How are you all decorating your homes?
Love Bunty


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