35 week pregnancy update

Good afternoon everyone! I wasn't sure I would manage to get todays post up as we are all completely exhausted. We got home from Lincoln at midnight last night and I have had a MAMMOTH task of unpacking clothes, christmas gifts and everything else this morning. I think I'm going to be taking a nap after typing this up!

This last week has been lovely- from celebrating New Year to having time with Eddy's family. It has been really nice to check in with everyone one last time before this bambino arrives. Now that the festivities are well and truly over, I feel I can begin to really focus on getting prepared for our arrival next month!

How far along? 35 weeks

Total weight gain/measurements? So after weighing in this morning, my total weight gain is around 34lbs now. My tummy has grown lots over the Christmas break and now measures a whopping 45" whilst my waist is up at 30" now!

Maternity clothes: Same as always really. The Jan sales have sorely tempted me to have a huge splurge, but apart from coats and shoes, I'm not really buying too many more outfits now as the wait is nearly over- we are down to the final 5 weeks!

Stretch marks: No new ones!

Sleep: Last night was wonderful to be back on our own bed again. I sleep with three pillows these days and they are super soft and cosy-bliss! Sleep is fine on the whole, I always go to bed with a packet of Rennies and a glass of water to hand and they really help with heartburn.

Best moment this week? Probably celebrating the new year. We had a quiet dinner with Eddy's Grandparents and some of his family who were at home. It was really nice to draw a line under 2014 and start thinking about this coming year.
I also bought a few new baby bits this week and have a 'going home' outfit ready for the newborn...very excited about that!

Miss anything? Not especially!

Movement: Movement is pretty constant...to the point where I have been wondering if this baby will sleep at all when he arrives! 

Food cravings? Nothing in particular.

Anything making you feel queasy or sick? Just the usual heartburn.

Gender: Boy!

Labour signs: I'm getting quite a few twinges and cramps these days. Nothing that has worried me especially, but I definitely notice my body is gearing up for labour.

Symptoms: I feel like I write the same list week after week! Heartburn has been the most consistent unpleasant symptom. Lately I have also felt pretty exhausted and it doesn't take much activity for me to feel achy and as if i've run a marathon...I feel like my body is trying to slow down quite a lot this week. 

Belly button in or out? Out!

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Looking forward to: Packing my hospital bag...hopefully in the next week it will be ready! Also, getting the last bits for the nursery and just enjoying these last few weeks as a family of three!

That is just about everything for this week's update! Don't forget to check in next week for my 36 week update!

Love Bunty


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