36 weeks pregnant

Wow, only four more weeks left to go guys- this really is it! You're considered full term at 37/8 weeks at which point the baby could be expected at any time. That means I really am on the homestretch with this pregnancy and, if i'm honest, I'm looking forward to reaching the end. It has been a really lovely, uncomplicated one, but I'm just so impatient to meet this little one now and be back to my normal self too. That said, I will miss my bump! I found it weird adjusting to having no bump in the first few weeks after Noah was born. It's just such a dramatic change from 9 months of growth to suddenly not being pregnant any more and, it does take some getting use to again!

 How far along? 36 weeks!

Total weight gain/measurements: I weighed myself first thing this morning and I am the same weight as last week which makes my total gain 34lbs. Im not going to lie, that was a rather nice start to the day! After hoping I would finish this pregnancy around the 30lb mark, I know it's more likely I'm going to hit 35-40lbs. That just seems to be the way pregnancy works for me. I've also heard your weight gain can begin to slow down at the end...watch that space!
My measurements are: waist: 30" tummy, 42". My tummy seems to have shrunk considerably since last week as it was up at 45", perhaps that is due to the baby dropping down? My bump has definitely dropped a bit and I can tell from the baby's kicks that he is upside down now and getting ready to engage, if he hasn't already!

Maternity clothes: All the time! But I can't wait to wear regular button up jeans again and normal tops. There are so many nice things in the shops at the moment! Haha!

Stretch marks: No new ones. I keep thinking I find them and then realise it's just a knock or a scratch from bumping into things. Normally kitchen table corners or the open dishwasher lol! I'm a little bit more wobbly on my feet these days!

Sleep: Sleep is really good at the moment. The baby does wake up just as I lie down, so we always have a bit of a kicking display, but he soon seems to settle and I manage to drop off anyway.

Best moment this week? Ive been getting bits ready for the nursery and organising my hospital bag which just emphasises that we are nearly there now! I'll be doing a post soon to show you everything we have in place for this new bambino!

Miss anything? Probably being able to move around easily and bend over etc. I am feeling quite restricted in movement as the weeks pass and, although I know it won't get much worse now, its definitely a different experience having a toddler to look after than when it is your first pregnancy and you can just put your feet up!

Movement: Plenty of movement and some really strong kicks!

Food cravings: I feel as if my appetite has shrunk a little this week. Don't get me wrong, I still can't pass up a dessert if offered...haha! But in general, I just don't have much space left in there now and I find myself fuller for longer when I do eat a meal.

Anything making you feel queasy or sick? Not really!

Gender: Boy!

Labour signs: I'm experiencing lots of Braxton hicks and tightenings this time around. They seem to be brought on by moving around, for example when I'm walking at a brisk pace or hoovering the floors, I nearly always get cramps now. Last night when I went to bed I started getting period like cramps that were coming and going a bit and for a few minutes I did have a massive urge to get up and complete the hospital bag- just to be on the safe side. But thankfully, it didn't come to anything! 

Symptoms: Just fatigue and cramps really. Heartburn is not so fiery anymore which I think is more as a result of my bump dropping down a bit- but I'm not complaining about that! I am also feeling more pressure in my pelvis these days which isn't particularly comfortable.

Belly button in or out? Out!

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy/Moody most of the time? Happy!

Looking forward to? This baby finally arriving! 

That is just about everything for this week's update. Don't forget to check back next week for my 37 week update! Crazy!

Love Bunty


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