38 week pregnancy update

38 weeks guys! This is really happening! With only a few weeks left I am ready to meet this baby now. It's a really wonderful time of expectation for us all as we get the last little bits and pieces in place. 
 As much as I just want to hold my baby in my arms, I think I'm slightly exhausted from the yo-yo emotions of fear and excitement. Both tire me out at the moment and I feel quite hormonal in the way I did at the beginning of this pregnancy. I think a lot of it is to do with exhaustion in general- boy did I think I was off the hook a couple of months ago! But this last month has brought with it some of the biggest physical challenges and I'm honestly glad to know I don't have much longer to go now and it's not going to get too much harder.

How far along? 38 weeks

Total weight gain/measurements: This morning I weighed myself and I'm up 2lbs from last week making my total weight gain 39lbs! My waist measures 31" now and my tummy measures 46".

Maternity clothes: Today I am wearing a super comfy maternity dress from Topshop. I've also got New Look maternity leggings on. I can't actually remember where I got this necklace from...I want to say New Look, but can't be sure- sorry!

Stretch marks: No new ones-save the small discovery I made last week! 

Sleep: Not great this week, I find it really hard to breath lying down as it literally feels like baby has a foot in my lungs. My ribs are taking quite a battering at the moment.

Best moment this week: I'm thankful for small mercies-after a family trip to the dentist we were all given the thumbs up, all clear!

Miss anything? Not really

Movement: Lots of movement all the time!

Food cravings? I've really been enjoying oranges lately, I don't know if i'm 'craving' them per se, but I am getting through our box full!

Anything making you feel queasy or sick? Not really

Gender: Boy!

Labour signs: More Braxton Hicks contractions and general discomfort. Nothing made me question labour this week, but I feel like i'm mentally on the lookout a bit more.

Symptoms: I saw my midwife last week who told me the baby was 'back to back' meaning his back is facing my back instead of his back facing out towards my tummy. That is not an ideal birth position so I have been doing different exercises this week to try and turn him. As his head is still not engaged, he still has time to move himself into the correct position. I'm pretty sure he has been doing a few 360 degree turns though as I have felt his back against my tummy this week. 

I've had a really nice week but it has been physically tough for the past few days. I'm finding I really struggle to lift Noah at the moment and Eddy has been amazing in stepping in to help, particularly with the evening run around after him. My back has been playing up quite a lot which is making sleep uncomfortable and my lower ribs feel permanently bruised. Not to be a moaning myrtle here, but I am ready to meet this baby! (And be able to breathe a full breath again!)

Belly button in or out? Out!

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy/Moody most of the time? Happy!- But hormonal too. I feel quite nervous about labour this time around and it's taking up a lot of my thoughts these days. I just can't wait to be on the other side! lol

Looking forward to? Meeting this little boy and introducing him to Noah!

That is everything for this week's update guys, don't forget to check in next week for my 39 week update!

Love Bunty


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