Baby storage

Things are a bit of a squash and a squeeze at the moment with all the new baby things that have suddenly taken over the whole house! Trying to set up Noah's room to share with his little brother's things for the next couple of months has been a little bit of a challenge, so I have invested in a simple baby changing unit to allow for extra storage. This one is great because the shelves are really spacious and, as you can see, they take lots of baskets to hold all the newborn's clothes, blankets, nappies etc. 
The top level works as a changing space which will be a great help- especially in the early days post-partum when you don't fancy doing too much lifting or bending down. 

I feel like things are slowly coming together now and we are pretty much ready to go! I haven't gone to town with redecorating Noah's room as we are going to be moving house in a couple of months so there didn't seem like much point in putting too much energy into something so very temporary. But I am looking forward to decorating the boy's new bedrooms when we do move! That will certainly make for a great spring project!

Happy Wednesday everyone!
Love Bunty

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